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Terma Białka provides recreation and water rehabilitation services as well as SPA treatments. 

The loud zone is a swimming pool hall prepared mainly for children, teenagers and families – hence its name.  In the loud zone there are three recreation pools, slides with landing pools and five bath tubes with bubbles. 

There is a "wave ball” device which produces artificial waves and other attractions which include a water roundabout with waterfall, caves with underwater geyser, water cannons and cascades as well as the "family slides.” The indoor pool is connected to an outdoor pool which features counter currents and a climbing wall.

A smaller pool is located near the exit and is separated from the other pools by greenery. Due to the parameters of the water used it is intended for children 0 to 5 years of age. There are mini-slides, a water mushroom/umbrella and interactive toys placed in a paddling pool, which make up a playground. In the immediate vicinity of the pool there is a family bathroom equipped with a shower and a changing table.

Two large slides are situated in the north-west corner of the loud zone.

The silent zone is a quiet and intimate place. It is intended for people looking for peace and relaxation and for those seeking a hydro-therapeutic experience – devices providing such experiences can be found in the pools located in this zone.

Both swimming pools in the silent zone have long basins equipped with rehabilitation attractions including air-water mattresses, underwater and side massages, seats with air nozzles, cascades, waterfalls, etc. Additionally, Jacuzzis is built into each pool’s bank line.

There are two bars located within the silent zone: a Wet Foot Bar and a Dry Foot Bar.

In the sauna and spa area our guests have at their disposal a swimming pool with geothermal water, a rest zone with deckchairs, a cooling pool, five saunas of various types along with special showers and benches with vats to soak their feet and a drink bar.

We offer following kinds of sauna cabins:
  • steam sauna, temperature: 45-50oC, humidity: 100%
  • relaxation cabin, infrared UVB and UVC rays
  • dry sauna, temperature 80-85oC
  • a steam room, cabin equipped with steam generator, temperature 60-65oC, humidity 40%
  • dry sauna with an oven used to prepare infusions, temperature up to 90oC
The Sauna area expands outdoors into a garden where there is a wooden and stone terrace and lawn and ornamental greenery. The main attraction of the garden is an exterior cooling pool with a 4.5 meters high waterfall, which can be accessed indoors and outdoors. A stand-alone exterior sauna with temperature up to 90oC is also situated in the garden.

Spa & Wellness zone consists of eight treatment rooms where SPA services are provided. These services include care, rehabilitation and revitalization treatments.

The VIP zone is situated in a mezzanine of the Sauna. It consists of a small changing room with a toilet, a Finnish sauna with showers, a Jacuzzi and a room with a fireplace and a bar.

The Terma Białka Shop sells both swimming suits and swimming pool accessories as well as local souvenirs – a place worth visiting for every tourist, especially a forgetful one.   

The facility features a variety of bars throughout all three zones as well as two main eating areas which serve delicious local cuisine dishes.